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Hometown hero Raheem Sterling shows love to tough Kingston community

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Kicks-a-bout with neighbourhood kids

Liverpool and England international footballer Raheem Sterling is on vacation in his native Jamaica.

After having to endure a long season in the English Premier League (EPL) and then at the World Cup, it could be forgiven if the youngster – just 19-years-old – chose to spend most of his time on the island relaxing on beautiful white-sand beaches and in all-inclusive resorts. Instead, he is dedicating a lot of time organising activities in his hometown of Maverley, a tough inner-city community in Kingston that has its fair share of violence.

Raheem Sterling had a kick-a-bout with kids in Kingston on Sunday.

Raheem Sterling had a kick-a-bout with kids in Kingston on Sunday.

On Sunday there was a neighbourhood family fun-day organised by Sterling. It featured a four-a-side-football tournament, which included his own “Team Sterling”.

When Loop News arrived on the scene, it was a picture of fun and excitement. Scores of spectators enjoyed football on a multi-purpose hard court and children played in bounce-a-bouts and on slides. All that mixed with the harsh realities of the environment as army vehicles monitored the proceedings. Sterling appeared to be just a regular kid in the neighbourhood as he sat on the tail-end of a vehicle, chatting with a group of friends.

Sterling showed off his skills to kids in one of the many activities he has organised in the tough Kingston community of his birth.

Sterling showed off his skills to kids in one of the many activities he has organised in the tough Kingston community of his birth.

He was soon cheering on “Team Sterling” before making a cameo appearance, giving youth in the community the amazing experience of having a kick-a-bout with an international football star.

When Loop News approached Sterling for an interview on the community project, the humble youngster deferred to his friend, Lamar Jordan.

“We guys just came here to organise the community because we have heard there is a lot of violence, so we just came back to bring the kids and the people together,” Jordan said.

Youngsters watch the England and Liverpool star.

Youngsters watch the England and Liverpool star.

“To be honest, Raheem really loves the people here…he takes care of them, gives them what he has,” Jordan added.

Sterling, however, did speak with Loop about his World Cup experience and outlook for Liverpool in the EPL this season.

England made an early exit from the World Cup, the first time the team had been knocked out in the group stages since 1958. Despite the team’s setback, Sterling got rave reviews for his performance.

“For any young person to be involved in such a big tournament is obviously a great experience and it was no different for myself…It was a good feeling to get out there on the pitch and show the world what I could do really,” Sterling told Loop.

Sterling watches "Team Sterling" from the sidelines. (Photos: Marlon Reid)

Sterling watches “Team Sterling” from the sidelines. (Photos: Marlon Reid)

He added: “Obviously on a team performance (level), we are obviously disappointed with how the tournament went. We would have liked to be in the tournament up until now and all the way to the finals, but that was not the case. Hopefully we build from this World Cup experience and go even further in the next four years.”

Liverpool came close to ending its League title drought but was clipped by Manchester City to the championship. Sterling noted that while Liverpool “did really well” last season, they were disappointed not to win the league.

“This season we will just go in the same as we did last year and take it step by step, week in week out … so we will be going out there on a positive note and hopefully we can do what we know we can do,” Sterling said.

Sterling said the event was one of several he had organised to give back to his community.

Stay in the Loop for videos on Sterling in Maverley.

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  • Fabian Lewis

    it's a good look and many would appreciate this development. sterling is doing what many wouldn't have done, But give praise to the ones who do. big ups to sterling and let God continue to bless him.

    2014-07-17 07:25:48 | Reply
  • Jodi

    There are still good people in the world

    2014-07-09 01:07:23 | Reply
  • jermaine

    Take note Jamaica! This has to be the way forward in building our country. Positivity, hope, great role models for the people from the people. Hats off to you sir.

    2014-07-08 14:46:39 | Reply
  • Steffey

    Always remember your roots love it! We need more inspirational young black men within the communities. Great role models keep up the good work raheem

    2014-07-08 13:55:31 | Reply
  • Gorgi Gordon

    All round blessings from the Almighty is bestowed on this he's just spreading it all over...more blessings Jah youth...

    2014-07-08 12:43:28 | Reply
  • Howard Martin

    This goes to show the quality this young man possesses . I am really moved by this benevolent gesture by Raheem which argues well for his furure.

    2014-07-08 11:40:47 | Reply
  • garfield

    Nuff respek son, may the gud Lord bless yer career.

    2014-07-08 11:06:41 | Reply
  • Dr. Jason Scott Hamilton

    Very proud of you Raheem .When a young man at 19 gets it and understand the importance of giving it speaks volumes about his family and community and how they raised him. Congrats Team Sterling . Dr. J.Scott Hamilton. ELITE SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY.

    2014-07-08 10:43:48 | Reply
  • Nicholas Brown

    I'm glad to see this. I'm sure they had a ball playing at this event.

    2014-07-08 08:40:05 | Reply
  • ryan clarke

    General" good yout!

    2014-07-08 08:22:16 | Reply
  • Brits

    Well Done Raheem? #GivingBack

    2014-07-08 00:40:49 | Reply
  • marlon oxable

    Am a born liverpool fan, keep up the good work sterling, I wish u great career, now suarez leaving I want u and sturridge to mad up thing. Real yardy youth. Jamaica.

    2014-07-07 22:55:21 | Reply
  • radovon clarke

    I respect a jamaica who makes it elsewhere in the world and still find time to come back to jamaica to help the youths.

    2014-07-07 22:16:50 | Reply
  • sue

    My heartiest blessings to you! Your the reason I support Liverpool as well as sturiddge, and of course england.

    2014-07-07 20:02:14 | Reply
  • Andre Williams

    Very commendable Raheem. May the Lord continue to bless you.

    2014-07-07 16:27:56 | Reply